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Except for those who live in the most extreme weather conditions, this jacket will likely find a place in your year-round wardrobe. 72 Hour Plan welcomes this member contributed review of the REI© Taku Jacket.

taku jacket

REI© Taku Jacket

I recently made a $209 investment in a Men’s REI Taku jacket. Although I’m traditionally a fan of the more rugged North Face© outerwear, I really like what the Taku has to offer. This polyester/nylon jacket is thin, flexible, light-weight, breathable, waterproof, and windproof up to 60MPH. Anymore wind than that and you would probably want to don a fleece liner. The addition of a single extra insulating layer of protection quickly turns the jacket into an inferno if it’s not too cold outside.

The jacket has a number of features, but the ones that I enjoy the most are the sealed and wind-guarded zippers, the location of the core body vents, the accessible laminate construction, and the reinforced earphone access hole. I remember jackets that I’ve hated wearing because of wind and rain penetration at zipper points. The Taku delightfully sidesteps these issues with sealed zippers such that water rolls directly off of them and wind does not penetrate them. The core body vents are located with bilateral symmetry closer to the front of the torso where they are easily accessed and adjusted even with the burden of a fully loaded frame pack. Most jackets delaminate beneath their nylon protective inner sheaths and subsequently fail with little or no warning following several years of use. However, the laminate construction of the Taku is easily accessible via the inside of the jacket as it is not covered with the standard nylon sheet found within most jackets. This means that impending jacket failures are easily presaged and avoided with simple visual inspections and swift applications of a cheap nylon tent repair kit. Additionally, the reinforced earphone access hole conveniently allows the wearer to run ear phones from the left front breast pocket to their ears via the inside of the jacket.

While the Taku responds robustly during outdoor cold weather activities, it is also thin, light, and stylish enough to wear from home to work while dressed in business attire. Since I have recently begun the gradual task of embracing a lifestyle conducive to the emergency preparedness mindset, I find that the broad, practical nature of the Taku is by far it’s most utile and appealing characteristic.


  • Available at: REI©
  • Price: $150 – $249
  • Features: Breathable, Windproof, Waterproof
  • Full details available at REI©disclaimer: Neither 72 Hour Plan nor the reviewer of this product are affiliated with REI©, Inc.


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