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NUTS. I have been doing research on “survival food” for some time, trying to find the perfect thing for the 72 hour kit and after much deliberation I have concluded that calories do indeed count and NUTS have calories. While there my not be a “Perfect” solution to the emergency food ration, nuts come pretty close for me.

cashew nuts

cashew nuts 60cal/g

In an emergency I am not going to worry about my diet, I am going to want calories. Cashews offer 600 calories per 100g, and peanuts a bit more calories (pure fat is 900 cal/100g). Magnesium and vitamin E are also found in most nuts. (100g is less than one can of soda in size/weight).
There are other alternatives and combinations to my nutty suggestion, trail mixes offer a variety of flavor and often have nuts as the backbone ingredient.

MAYDAY emergency food bars are good for those who have food allergies, these food packs contain up to 400 calories per serving (85g) and can be stored in severe temperatures for up to 5 years.

MRE (meals ready to eat) have been engineered by our nations elite armed forces to provide a high calorie diet under extreme conditions. Each MRE is from 500 to 700 g and contains about 1200 calories (varies based on menu). Because MREs contain water, they weigh more than the equivalent meal in a dehydrated state. however, they do not require water to prepare or consume.

Remember, the 72 Hour Kit is not long term food storage. This is food to keep you alive and give you energy while you move to your long term shelter location (usually your home). Thus, high calorie, light weight, minimal preparation items are the best for your 72 Hour Kit.

My choice is Nuts. 🙂

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