NPM19 Flooding happens in a Flash

Some flooding information from FEMA

Floods are one of the most common hazards in the U.S. They can be local, impacting a neighborhood or very large, affecting multiple states. Thousands of residents in Boulder, CO and nearby towns were recently forced to evacuate after days of heavy rainfall caused mudslides and flash floods. If a flood is developing in your area, would you know what to do? Here are some tips before the flood hits:

  • Conduct a household inventory;
  • Build an emergency supply kit;
  • Plan for evacuation; and
  • Make a pet plan.

If a flood has already hit your community, follow these tips:

  • Beware of hazards in your home;
  • File your flood insurance claim; and
  • Take proper steps to clean up your home.

The Federal Alliance for Safe Homes also offers valuable information to help prepare for and recover from a flood.   Download the FLASH Weather Alerts mobile app today for weather warnings, alerts and tips to keep your family safe.

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