12 Days of Prepared-mas : Day 1 1

Holiday gift shopping is stressful, especially when you are trying to stuff that stocking with something cool and usable.  Never fear! We have put together 12 days of stocking stuffer ideas to help you out.  These prepper items are not only great gift ideas, they are also very useful and a good addition to your 72 Hour Kit, Get Home Bag, Bug Out Bag, Auto Safe Kit, etc.

Today being day 1, it makes sense to get a bag to put all your goodies in after the holiday.  If you insist on carrying your stocking with you for the whole year, you can check out this excellent tactical stocking from Think Geek.*  I’m sure you could attach this sweet stocking to the side of your car seat for easy access to important items while driving or stopped on the roadside.

For those of you who don’t yet have a 72 Hour Kit, why not start with one of the best packs or bags you can find?  3V is certainly at the top of my list (and I checked it twice).  These guys at 3V figured out something that I love – lifetime warranty!  They make packs and bags that are not only tough, easy to use, and look cool, but you can actually afford them too!  The price point on this type of quality and versatility is simply amazing!  They have a great selection, so check them out – LINK.**

Having a well designed, rugged, and versatile pack is an essential beginning to a usable and effective 72 Hour Kit.  If these options don’t work for you, I highly suggest you find a bag that meets your needs, and pick one up today.


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