12 Days of Prepared-mas: Day 10

For those who like to spend extra money for overnight shipping, you might still have some online shopping days left – for the rest of us, today is really cutting it close and if you want your gifts to be in the stocking or under the tree, I would suggest going local from here on out.

lifestraws_5Some excellent options for local shopping – Check your True Value, Ace, or other hardware store.  Big boxers are okay too, but I have found that my Home Depot or Lowe’s generally have a pretty narrow selection of brands.  Sporting goods stores are also very useful for preparedness items.  Dick’s, Cabella’s, Brownells, REI, etc. are all pretty common big box outdoor/sports stores.

So today’s recommendation for stuffing those stockings is a very complex item in a simple package.  Actually it’s two items, but they are in the same family.  Water Purification and Water Filtration.  

The Life Straw won Time Magazine invention of the year – With this handy straw shaped portable filter you can drink pretty much any water you find.  It will filter over 250 gallons, and removes 99.9999% of bacteria.  Get you Life Straw at Brownells.

steripen_ultra_2The other option is Ultraviolet sterilization of your water.  This is not a water filter, contaminates are not removed from the water, but rather a process of destroying living bacteria by subjection to ultraviolet light.  Up to 99.99% of bacteria and protozoa are destroyed.  SteriPENs are a bit more expensive than water filters, but they will also treat a much larger volume of water.  The down side other than price? they require energy to work.  Most are rechargeable, so if you have a solar charger you can theoretically take the SteriPEN anywhere and always have safe water to drink.  Visit Brownells and look up “SteriPEN”.

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