12 Days of Prepared-mas: Day 11

This might be a touch cliche, but I am going to toss it into the list because this item is an important part of your 72 Hour Kit.  Wool socks.  Yep, you read that right, wool socks.

Wool is one of natures miracles.  You can get it wet, dirty, and worn thin, and it will still keep you warm.  Why socks? because footwear is crucial in a bug out or get home situation.  You should always have near you some comfortable shoes and some wool socks.

wool_socksToday’s wool socks are not your old stuffy itchy socks.  You can find a wide variety of patterns, colors, and thicknesses which are milled and woven to be gentle on the skin and oh so comfortable.

While thinking about socks, you will also want to consider having a good base layer of insulation.  Wool or polyester fleece are exceptional due to the ability to wick moisture and insulate even when wet.  Most recent CDC mortality numbers show an average of about 120 people per year die from hypothermia. Don’t be miserable in cold or wet conditions, get those base layers today!

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