12 Days of Prepared-mas: Day 12

Day 12, here it is !  I sure hope you have your holiday in order, and just in case you don’t may I recommend you go to your nearest retail outlet and buy a gift card.  This might be the ultimate cop out gift, and maybe you wont be “that person” who gives a gift card, but you might be a person who receives one, so this post is good for you to.

Giving or receiving a gift card can not only put some spending dough in the recipients pocket, it can also be the gift that keeps on giving.  That small rectangular bit of plastic has literally hundreds of uses.  So when you are giving that gift card, you might want to make a nice little suggestion card to go along with it and include some of your best ideas for reusing that plastic.  Here are few ideas to get you started.

credit-card-as-ice-scraper-winter-hacks1. Ice scraper – keep a card in your car door pocket and you always have an ice scraper with you.  Also works great at the kitchen sink for scraping gunk off your dishes.

2. Guitar picks – just cut to size and viola

3. Mini Chalkboard – spray with chalkboard paint, you could even frame it.

4. level a wobbly table – especially useful in bars and restaurants. I always get the wobbly table.

5. Wrap duct tape around the card a few times, keep in your wallet or purse.  Now you always have a little duct tape with you.

What are your ideas for reusing those gift and credit cards?  comment below!


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