12 Days of Prepared-mas: Day 2

Welcome back for Day 2 of our stocking stuffer suggestions.  Hopefully you saw yesterday’s post and have a good pack or bag to get your 72 Hour Kit off the ground.

As we cover the next 11 days, I will start with those things that might take a bit of time to locate and ship to your home, working toward those items that can be “last minute” purchases as we get closer to Christmas.

Today we introduce you to the pocket guide.  After a bit of web searching, it’s clear you can purchase a pocket guide for just about any topic or subject you would like a ready reference for, even vector graphics.  May I suggest you pick up a pocket guide that you think will be useful in an emergency event situation.  Some ideas are:

sasquatchFirst aid


Plant Identification


Sasquatch spotting

Here are a few links for some pocket field guides that I found online*




* 72HourPlan is not affiliated with Informed Guides, Waterford Press, or Amazon and does not receive any compensation for this recommendation.


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