12 Days of Prepared-mas: Day 4

Alright folks, the big day is just around the corner – only 11 shopping days until Christmas.  These stocking stuffers are sure to please the prepper in your life, and if you are not a prepper yet, this might be the exercise that gets you serious about becoming better prepared.

Today I recommend a small, portable first aid kit for your 72 hour kit.  As I have mentioned in others posts, you should not rely solely on a pre-made first aid kit, but they are a good starting point and most kits have enough room in the pouch for some customization.

arc_ItemImage_585_7200A few things to look for in a small kit:

– weather proof packaging.  Remember this is for your portable “grab and go” 72 Hour Kit.  Most of us cannot predict the weather or the conditions in which we will need to be “grabbing and going”, so be sure you not only your first aid supplies, but your whole kit is weather proof.

– Pain reliever.  Sometimes a simple headache can interfere with everything.  Be sure to have some type of pain reliever on hand to ward off headaches and other minor pain concerns.

– Bandages and antibiotic ointment. cuts and scrapes are inevitable and you want to take care of them right away.  I use “correct X” ointment which is pretty amazing stuff.

You can read more about first aid kits in this post – First Aid Roundup

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