12 Days of Prepared-mas: Day 6

I feel like a kid in a candy store when I have the chance to pour over the many preparedness items available today.  The internet and other modern technologies make research, shopping, and finding great products easier than ever.

I might have a flashlight problem.  A recent inventory of just the main living areas of my home revealed that I currently have 5 stick type flashlights, 3 head lamps, and a drop light all within about 10 feet of one another.  These lights are in regular use (yes all of them) and I did not count the small LED lights in the 72 Hour Kits or those that are still in packaging and not in use.  Isn’t the first step in solving a problem admitting that you have a problem?

vlightDo you have a good light?  LED is absolutely the way to go in this day and age, they require much less energy than filament lights, and therefore they will last much longer.  They are also extremely bright in comparison to the energy required.

Brownells is one of my favorite sporting goods providers, and they have an emergency gear section on their webpage: Brownells Sporting Goods.

There are many, many options for lighting.  I recommend a good stick light, and a second light that is mountable in some way (headband, clip, magnet, etc.) I find the headband lights to be very useful and as I mentioned above, I have several of them.

When you move out of the stocking (72 Hour Kit) and into the larger preparedness picture, you will want to include other lighting as well, such as a lantern, crank light, and perhaps LED ropes.

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