12 Days of Prepared-mas: Day 7

The whole point of a 72 Hour Kit in the form of a “bug out bag” or “to go kit” is to be able to grab your pack at a moments notice and be off to some predetermined place that is more suitable to survival than your current location.  While sheltering in place at home is often the best bet, there are of course circumstances where you are either not at home (travel or commuting), or the home has become compromised in some way (fire, flood, other damage).  In these cases you need to know ahead of time where you are going.

ww2compassHave a map and compass!  Most of the time a map will be enough, combined with roads and signs, a good road map will get you most places, but there are times with you will be in unfamiliar territory and need to know how to use a compass along with your map to get you going in the right direction.  A good compass and map also come in handy for any outdoor enthusiast, hunter, camper, or explorer.

I have been using maps and a compass since my introduction to Boy Scouts many years ago, and the skills I learned in orienteering (the use of map and compass) have come in very handy as I have traveled all over the world.  In fact many of my traveling companions have been in awe at my ability to read maps, find points of interest, and keep track of our location while exploring strange cities such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Naples and Lisbon.

If you have a younger folks on your shopping list, you might consider hiding a treasure around the yard and then give a list of directions using the points of a compass to guide them to finding the surprise!  They will have tons of fun recreating the experience with their friends too.

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