12 Days of Prepared-mas: Day 9

Only 7 shopping days left until Christmas!  Our first eight 72 Hour Kit stuffers have got you off to a good start with a wonderful variety of items for anyone’s bugout bag or get home bag.

gerbertoolToday we are suggesting one of the most versatile items every 72 Hour Kit should have – the Multi-tool.  There are a few features that you should look for:  Locking knife blade, scissors, can opener, pliers, saw blade.  These few things are standard on most tools and will serve a wide variety of purposes in an emergency situation.

I have used several different brands of Multi-tools over the years, and as long as you stick with the brands that are what I would consider “quality”, you will be fine.  I would certainly steer away from the dollar store tools ( you know what I mean). What brands do I consider quality?  here are a few suggestions:

Gerber – http://www.gerbergear.com/ – They have been around for decades and come in enough different configurations that you should be able to find one that has the tools you need. Gerber has been my personal favorite for many years, I started using them in about 1990 during my military service and they have never let me down.  **LIFETIME WARRANTY**

Leatherman – http://www.leatherman.com/ – Depending on who you ask Leatherman might be considered the leader in multi tool design.  Many of the “top 10” lists on line will include several variations of Leatherman tools.  You should have no trouble finding a configuration that meets your needs.  **25 YEAR WARRANTY** IN STOCK – I currently have the Leatherman Wingman for sale at a great price, ONLY $39.00. shop now.

SOG – http://www.sogknives.com/ – While SOG makes great tools, I am not a big fan.  I find the feel in my hand to be too edgy (not smooth and comfortable).  The quality is great and the variety of tools meets the bar, just not the most comfortable to me.  This might be a good pick for those with a bit less strength, as SOG has introduced the power assist that provides help in opening the blades.  **LIFETIME WARRANTY**

Swiss Army – http://www.swissarmy.com/us – The original multi-tool.  Swiss has been making multi-tool pocket knives for 130 years.  For those who like the “pocket knife” form factor, Swiss has you covered.  They are also branching into the newer multi-tool format with their SwissTool line. **LIFETIME WARRANTY**

one final thought – having a good multi-tool is important, but as with any tool, it is only useful if you know how to use it.  Make a habit of using your multi-tool for your around the house or shop activities and become familiar with the features and capabilities of your multi-tool before you find yourself in an emergency.

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