CBS Hunted – S1E1

SPOILER ALERT – I will be discussing who was captured and some potential ways they may have remained on the loose, if you have not watched the episode in the title, you may not want to read this – go watch the show first!

Week 1 teams sent on the run: Angela & Michele, Matt & Christina, David & Emiley.

The Internet Never Forgets.  WOW! I didn’t think they would catch a team so soon.  This shows you how being predictable can trip you up quick.  Let’s just jump right into this analysis – what worked, what didn’t, and what would you do?

What worked:

  • Have a plan:  This is our philosophy right here at 72hourplan – be ready, plan for events that can disrupt your life.  While 72hourplan is not focused on evading authority, we do focus on being self sufficient and being ready to leave your primary residence in a hurry.  David and Emiley were ready to go, and were able to get on the run quickly.
  • Cash is King:  The Hunters have the ATM advantage.  In a bug out situation you might not have access to ATM’s for a variety of reasons, so keep some cash on hand.  A nice mix of paper and coins can be useful.
  • Cell Phones & Communications:  Yep, they will be monitored – Troy & Chele of course went off the grid, this is really the only way to avoid being traced by phone.  More on phones / social media below.

What Didn’t Work:

  • Doing exactly what it looks like you are doing: ATM and the Bus Station – I was baffled that Matt & Christina fell into this simple self destruction.  They used the ATM in the bus station, then bought bus tickets to Atlanta, then GOT ON THE BUS! I was simply dumbfounded.  Might have been the easiest capture in history.
  • Being organized:  normally I would say you should be organized – but if you are planning to go on the run – do not use a paper calendar and leave it behind!  I think I learned the pencil and paper trick in like 3rd grade watching Matlock.  Rookie mistake.  David & Emily are off to a good start, right up until the Hunters find that calendar and figure out the itinerary. Why not monitor the first stop and see what turns up?  This team does have the “David” advantage – he was a criminal that has been on the lamb, the question is – will his partner make mistakes that he cannot control?
  • Phone Calls: It’s pretty obvious that your own phone is a tracking device, but those burners can burn you too.  Your support network is going to be monitored, and new or unusual numbers will trigger suspicion and mark your location.  If you feel you must contact you network, get outside of your 6 degrees and create a daisy chain into the contact using people who have regular contact with one another.  That is a tall order, and no contact is better.  Of course from a 72hourplan perspective – you want to have multiple ways to contact your support network, and you need to have meeting locations pre-established. ICE CARD and FAMILY EMERGENCY PLAN.

Would this work better?:

  • Misdirect – buy those bus tickets, then give them to someone else, maybe even get some of your cash back.  Walk away as the bus leaves and don’t look back.  They could have bought a couple of hours with that misdirect, the Hunters went all in on them being on that bus.
  • Make a schedule or calendar – then make a different one that is not traceable.  That calendar is bad news.

Do you have thoughts and ideas about this episode of Hunted?  What worked good, what flopped, and what would you do?



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