CBS Hunted – S1E2

INTENSE!  what a ride so far. and now we get a bonus 2 hour episode, sweet.  I thought sure that calendar was going to be the undoing of David & Emiley. Great work getting out of town, and that rental car…. genius.  Just a reminder – SPOILERS.  so lets get into episode 2 “Snitches Get Stitches”  What worked, what didn’t, and what would you do?

New teams this week: Lee & Hilmar, Troy & Chelle, Aarif & Immad

What worked:

  • Get off the grid:  Troy & Chele made the right move, right out of the gate. They headed into the wild and stayed off the trails.  As the Hunters stated during the show – this makes it very difficult to find them.  The Hunters are going to start with circle of trust and contacts – these people will be monitored and when you reach out to them, you will be caught.  Get off the grid, and have the skills to stay off the grid.  It didn’t show what they are doing for food, but being in the SE USA, they certainly have access to plentiful food supplies, fish, forages, and small game.
  • Clear your phone data: Team Lee & Hilmar – nice move to take the phone sim cards.  I hope you don’t have cloud backup, if they get into your account that could spell trouble.  Knowing what you leave as a digital trail and signature is important.  While online backups reduce the risk of losing your data, it also increases the risk of your data being obtained by nefarious means.  When you keep data electronically – have very strong passwords and consider encryption as well.
  • Ya’ll seen that movie deliverance? LOL  using a random phone is a good idea, as long as you are not reaching into your inner circle (see below). Immad & Aarif made a good move using Meadow to reach into their contacts, they have no trace with her, but she stays in touch with other members of the family, so calls from Meadow won’t look suspicious, until they do.
  • Clearing the computer:  Immad and Aarif set about clearing all browser data, and resetting their phones, both good moves.  Then they get right out of town, another good move. But remember, NOTHING is every truly deleted.
  • Technology can be your friend.  IF, and that is a HUGE IF, you know as much or more that the people hunting you.  Immad & Aarif seem to be technically savvy, and the encrypted applications will keep them hidden.

What didn’t work:

  • The phones!!  All but the Wolves have made this mistake.  Angela & Michelle went with the burner phones, but they didn’t realize that the circle of trust is being monitored for unfamiliar incoming calls.  Dav-iley then makes the same mistake on the way to mom’s house, it didn’t burn them immediately, but it left a trail.  Dave it right to be concerned.
  • Best friends are a death sentence.  As the hunters stated – these are the first people that get surveiled. Angela & Michelle basically walked into a trap, they headed to the house of a VERY good friend. Good on the Hunters for setting up the surveillance before A & M arrived.  Meanwhile Troy & Chele were doing awesome until they reached out via phone to someone too close to them.
  • Cyber Security:  Favorite sports team? Dave, try not to be so predictable.  I will say He was smart enough to not use the account.
  • Mailing a batch of instructions from the same location, on the same day, with the same hand writing.  I thought the idea was good, but the execution was not varied, so it raised a flag.  Lee & Hilmar could have done better with this comms technique.
  • That calendar comes back to get them.  I am wondering if that will be the thing that ends the Dav-iley run.
  • Meadow is burned because data was retrieved from the cloud.  Deleting data is a good idea, but cloud backups, and forensic retrieval can still recover that information.  There are more complete ways to destroy data.
  • “We’re here to help”: XX team is hot on Troy & Chele, and they almost pulled off the “trust us” move with their friends at the farm house.  It may not have got the hunters in the door, but it spooked Troy & Chele enough to smoke them out of hiding – and get them caught.
  • Hunters – if you use black SUV’s in season 2, you have not learned from season 1.  That gave you away to Dav-iley TWICE!  find an only rusty F-150 when you go hunting in Alabama.

What might be better:

  • Taunting the hunters (WOLF!) is not really a good idea.  This will escalate the hunters desire to capture you. You made it personal.
  • Try using a daisy chain to get messages into your circle of trust rather than dialing them directly.  This is similar to a phone tree.  This applies to the mail system too. Lee had a good idea to send the snail mail with the google account information but it would have worked better if the first letter contained instructions for the next person to daisy chain the contact info, and so forth.
  • Several of the teams have demonstrated hobbies that are helping them evade the hunters.  Team Wolf makes a living creating puzzles, Troy & Chele run an airsoft outfit.  If you don’t already have a hobby that teaches you something (preferably something useful) then I would encourage you to find one (prepping) and start learning.  I think this is why Troy & Chele got caught so soon, they had knowledge, and skill, but no long term practice.  it wasn’t ability, it was duration & stamina.  If they could have stayed off the grid longer, they stood a good chance, but once they re-entered public and made contact, that set them up to be caught.  This is a foundation of every day preparedness – you must practice your skill set to keep it trained and valuable.  When is the last time you started a cook fire? caught a fish? or hiked several miles?
  • Data – destroy hard drives, never use cloud backup, and above all, don’t use technology for critical communications if you don’t want those communications read by someone else.

What did you learn this week?  who are you rooting for?  Comment below!

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