CBS Hunted – S1E3

Operation Cupid’s Revenge.  Daters be haters.  This was one of those episodes where they just keep dropping bombs.  I was surprised more than once by our fugitives, and even more surprised by the wylie hunters.  The chase is getting more intense are our fugitives keep finding new and resourceful ways to evade (or not) the hunters. What worked, what didn’t, and what would you do?

New teams this week: Miles & Will, Sentra & Thu

What worked:

  • The initial plan for Miles & Will is good on the surface, network as you go, and keep the network growing.  The only down side – you could network into people who will turn you in. Only time will tell.
  •  Immad & Aarif are doing well with the network as-you-go method as well.  They used Meadow to get outside their own network, then Linda was willing to send them camping with a kayak.
  • Lee & Hilmar – good thinking giving Mrs. Wilson a burner phone too.  So often we think our own burner would be good enough, but the hunters have proven any known number is a liability even when unknowns call it.  Go dark, or go anonymous, and that goes for everyone.

What Didn’t:

  • Social Media:  Will, you left your tinder connected to your Facebook?  Now every girl in SC will be looking for you.  Slave computers working round the clock!  Edistoe Beach SC – why?  My jaw dropped when they pulled up that wanted poster and started discussing the turn in.  Not really a fair play by the hunters stating that these are “WANTED FUGITIVES”, our societal conditioning makes those girls predisposed to “do the right thing” and make the call.  Then comes the line “do you care more about money or your soul?” Well played.  But will Anna betray her girlfriend and call anyway? MARY, MARY, WHY YOU BUGGIN’?  so it wasn’t Anna, it was her sister.  And of course, the phone in Anna’s pocket led the hunters right to our mates Miles & Will in Beaufort SC.
  • Butt Dialed:  I nearly fell out of my chair. I can’t believe in a situation requiring heightened awareness we get Mrs. Wilson on a butt dial.  The pressure the hunters are applying to her is a real liability and could end seriously jeopardize Lee & Hilmar.
  • Go Dark: Sentra & Thu – you left your phone on, and burners are traceable.  As the Hunter said “if it has power, it can be tracked” you must go dark and stay dark, or your signal will be intercepted.

What might have been better:

  • As-you-go networking is a good idea, as long as you change it up and don’t stick to your normal demographic.  You could have worked your way up from college co-eds to parents, and even grand-parents, shuffleboard anyone?  Immad & Aarif
  • More than one jump.  Riding to a new city or state is a good move, especially with an anonymous contact, but don’t rest after one drop, move again right away to keep the trail moving and hopefully the hunters will spend time at the first stop looking, while you are moving on to the next location.
  • Communications – try short range radios rather than cell phones, they are more difficult to track, and they don’t ping cell towers.  The limitation is range, but if your as-you-go networking, you could benefit from truckers and other short range or CB users.
  • Stay inside – the drones only got a positive ID because Will & Miles were standing outside and looking right at the drone.  Had they been below deck, enjoying a game of Yahtzee, they might still be on the run.

What would you have done? is your team still in? Comment below.

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