NPM 1 – Always have ICE

ICE stands for In Case of Emergency.  Most new mobile phones have this contact title pre-programmed so please fill in the appropriate number for your emergency contact, and if you don’t have this contact programmed in your phone, you should create one! Do it today.  Emergency personnel look for the ICE contact in phones as a matter of routine.

As part of your 72 Hour Plan, it is an important step in communicating your whereabouts and safety to your family or group.

Communication is the linchpin in any group situation. All members of the group must understand the situation, the priorities, and the end goal. Keeping in touch can be challenging if you are not together when the plan must be put into action.
Discuss with your primary group (usually immediate family) how you will let others of the group know you are okay. The best method is to have:

1. An out of state contact that everyone will call to report your status.

2. A designated meeting location. This is normally your home, but if you are on vacation or it is your home that is damaged by the event you need a set location to meet.  Somewhere safe, out of the elements is a good choice.  Choose a nearby neighbor and reciprocate as their meeting location too.  This also helps reinforce the idea of community.

Take action today, put a communication card in your wallet, purse, school backpack, with the out of state contact and the meeting locations you have designated.

Use this communications wallet card designed from the template to get
your communication plan together. – Click here. (the ICE cards are on page 3)

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