NPM11 – Teach a Man to Fish


The Fisherman – Charles Henry 1888 – Public Domain

Patriot Day – Never Forget.  Although this post is not about 911-2001, I do ask that you take a moment from your activities today to remember that infamous day.

I have been pondering my skill sets and seeking areas of improvement.  I loved fishing when I was young. I recall waking with excitement on many rainy mornings (are there any other kind in the Pacific Northwest?) and long drives to my uncles favorite fishing spots. We would spend hours talking and waiting for the fish to bite.  I learned to appreciate time with folks, talking, and learning about things that go on in the world outside of my friends and my toys.  I also liked catching fish for lunch. Something happened when I got older.  I stopped fishing.  I’m not sure why, and I have taken a couple of my children fishing a time or two over the years, but it is not the routine it was for my uncle and me so many years ago.

I decided this summer that I am going to learn to fish again.  I sought out one of the retired fellas at church who talks about fishing nearly every chance he gets, and I asked him if he could teach me.  He is as excited as I am.  I have an empty tackle box and it’s going to be fun to fill it with bait and hooks and line and such.  I expect there will be the added benefit of listening to him recount many events from his life, where I will certainly learn a thing or two.

Prepping is not about waiting for an event to occur that throws you out of sorts.  Prepping is about living in a way the brings skills, ideas, and resources into your daily life in such a way that when the apple cart is upset, you don’t loose all your apples.  Seek out those mentors who have skills you want to acquire, and you might be surprised at how excited they will be to teach you.

What skill or talent would like to learn or improve? Comment below!

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