NPM13 – Do You Know What You Have?

Submitted by: Go Fetch Media

How would you replace all the items you care about should your loose your home to a flood, fire, tornado, earthquake, or other disaster? Sure you have insurance. How will you tell the insurance company your long list of heirlooms? will you remember everything?


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Today’s “Step-to-Prep” is submitted by our good friends at Go Fetch Media. This is a very simple step, and you should perform this step today, get the whole family involved and have fun.

Video inventory your belongings, with particular attention to the heirlooms and high dollar items. Insurance companies have been suggesting this approach for many years, but with todays digital technologies it is more simple than ever before.

If you have a digital camera, you can get a memory card specific for this event, take your pictures, be sure to include serial numbers of any item that has one (electronics, firearms, etc.), and then place the memory card in a safe location such as a bank safe deposit box or fire proof box in your home (or both).

bank deposit box


If you do not want to dedicate a memory card, then copy the pictures to your computer and save them to a CD, DVD, or a secure online storage location. Then just as you would do with the memory card, place your CD or DVD in your bank safety deposit box or fire proof box.

For those of you using a fancy digital camera for this process, dont forget to inventory your digital camera as well.

A more high powered version of this inventory method would be to use a video camera.

Another great idea is to call a videographer/photographer to perform the inventory for you. They will have a detailed checklist to be sure nothing is missed. If you are in Northern Virginia please call Go Fetch Media they will be happy to assist you with a top quality video or photo inventory.

Give yourself peace of mind and give the insurance adjuster something simple to work with – go inventory your home today!

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