NPM15 – Change for the Better


2011 Native American Coin Reverse

Today marks step 15 in our National Preparedness Month daily Steps to Prep.  I hope you are enjoying these timely tips for becoming a little more prepared to face life’s curve balls.  Our topic today is from the Financial Pillar, and it’s all about change.

Does anyone use hard currency any more?  Funny story – The other day I handed a cashier a “old” five dollar bill.  My friendly neighborhood cashier examined the bill, and after a moment asked me … “Is this real?”   I assured him the five dollars was legal tender and he could get me the change for my transaction… and yet he hesitated.  After another long pause, he called his manager to the checkout and then asked about the legitimacy of this Lincoln.  The manager looked at me, and sheepishly apologized for the checkers ignorance and then assured me that this particular cashier had only been on the job a couple of days.  I accepted the apology and laughed on the inside while I considered that this young man may not have ever handled hard currency before taking this job.  Some kids only know the power of plastic, and that is sad.

I tell you that story just for fun.  I have heard similar stories with now out of print $2 bills, or $1 coins.

There is value in having change on hand.  Be it paper change, or coins, if the economic system of the country is not in ruins you will have “cash on hand” and be able to perform “cash and carry” transactions.  This can be helpful when  you have wide spread power outages (see hurricane Henry or Irma in 2017 for an example), or if you are unable to access your electronic money for any number of other reasons.

It is a good idea to keep a couple hundred dollars available for emergencies.  The amount and denominations you keep are a personal choice.

What if the economic system does go to pot?  Commodities will be your currency, no one will want your money because they cant eat it.  So remember to stock your pantry before you stockpile your gold or silver.

What would you use your change for?  Leave comments below!

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