NPM19 – Friendly Neighborhood Hero


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Chances are, if you are reading this article, you already have an interest in preparing for inevitable events.  You may have used the event risk analysis worksheet, the 72 Hour Kit checklist, and the Family Emergency Plan worksheet with ICE cards.

The Step To Prep I have for you today is easy.  Share your enthusiasm and realism of being prepared with a friend or neighbor.  There are many who have heard about the doomsday shows, or the reality survivalists, but they dont have any context for actually making a plan for the most likely unpleasant events they will face in their lives.

You can bring them information and interest that could spark a desire in their hearts and minds to take action.

Use preparedness as an opportunity to coach them and explore or learn new paths to becoming self reliant and prepared for unpleasant event.

Here are the links to the documents to which I referred:

Family Emergency Plan

Event Analysis Worksheet 

72 Hour Checklist 

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