NPM2 – Your Foundation – Rock or Sand?

It doesn’t matter whether you are Latter-Day Saint, Baptist, Buddhist, Catholic, Atheist, Muslim, Pastafarian, or something else… your beliefs are very important to you.  They color and guide every aspect of your life despite the level of importance that you may ascribe to them now.

In an unexpected, or unplanned situation most folks will turn immediately to their core values and chosen religious ideologies for strength and purpose.  Without a solid framework to approach reality, the default mode for most people under duress is the role of helpless victimhood.  To avoid being in this “victim” state, take time today to refocus on clearly knowing and understanding what you believe.  This solid foundation will allow your convictions to actually sustain you during difficult times.

In light of the recent natural disaster in Texas, Hurricane Harvey, I encourage you to also determine if you can help.  Whether physically, or financially, please do what you can to help those in need.  Often when the tragedy is no longer on the news, we forget it is still a long road to recovery.  The people on the gulf coast will need help for months and even years to fully recover from #hurricaneHarvey.

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