NPM21 – Beans N Rice are Nice

You guessed it.  Today’s Step to Prep is an easy one.  Stock up a little extra beans and rice.  I don’t have much luck with dry beans.  I understand dry beans last longer than prepared beans, but to be honest I much prefer canned, pre-made beans.  You can certainly save money with dry beans too, so if you are good at fixin’ beans, and you need to save some dollars, then dry beans might be the way for you.

Rice comes in so many varieties it makes my head spin.  I try to keep it simple for my food staples, so I stick with two types of rice – long grain white and long grain brown.  Brown rice takes more water, and more time to cook, but the nutrition packed away in those tiny grains of brown rice is enough to make the effort worth it.  One cup of dry rice will yield nearly 2 cups of cooked rice, boil in broth rather than water and you have a tasty base for just about any meal.

Beans and rice together are a wonderful combination.  Together you get plenty of iron, B vitamins, and nearly all of your essential amino acids (protein).    These two staples are very common around the world.  They are not expensive, and they store well.

On your next trip to the grocery, don’t forget that extra measure of beans and rice.

What is your “simple food” that makes the core of your food storage?  Comment below.

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