NPM22 – Hydration on the Go

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Giardia Parasite — Public Domain

Today’s step to prep is not going to be a re-write of our primary water article. We do encourage you to read that article, but today we are taking a simple “Step-to-Prep”. DO this today and know you have enough water for 72 hours, this will keep you hydrated (i.e. alive) for those critical three days and as you move yourself toward a more preparedness centered life you can extend your water supply for long term needs.

Clean drinking water is your primary focus. I emphasize CLEAN. Do you know what lurks in unpurified water? Some of the more nasty players are cyclospora, balantidium, entamoeba, and giardia (pictured at right). Just naming them is unsettling, but contracting any nasty parasite will put you out of commission for days or weeks. What help can you be in an emergency if you are sick and sidelined?

US Navy water delivery

Remember, the recommended amount of water per person is one gallon per day. This is not only drinking water, but also for cooking and when necessary hygiene. For your To-Go bag I recommend two bottles of water and a water purification method to refill your bottles when they are empty. For your car, put a case of water in the trunk. At home you will likely have more room than you have in your car or your To-Go bag, allowing for a full 3 gallons per person in your emergency stores.

At my house we have several methods to keep our water supply on hand. We buy cases of water when on sale and add them to the bottom of our water storage, we have a large water drum and we keep a water purification system on hand to allow for making more drinkable water if we run out. Boiling water is also a good way to replace your used water if you have a stream, lake, river next to your house. There is certainly more information in our primary water article to bring you up to speed on water sources and purification methods.

Today’s action: Put water and purification tablets, straw, or filter in your To-Go Bag, put a case of water in your car, buy an extra case of water for your home each time you visit the grocery this month.

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