The day you have all been waiting for!  Challenge day #1 is here.  This is a fun family challenge that might open your eyes a bit and will certainly bring some fun and laughter too.

What you will need

  • A timer – a clock, stopwatch, oven buzzer, or some other timer that you can use to mark 5 minutes.
  • A place to gather – family room or living room are good places
  • All family members – this makes it more fun when everyone joins in.

The Challenge:

  • Set your timer for 5 minutes
  • Start the timer and tell everyone to go and gather what they need to bring for 3 days away from home
  • Everyone return to the meeting place with their items before the timer rings
  • You cannot use your current 72hourkit

The Results:

  • Use a 72hour checklist (like this one) to evaluate your pile of gathered items
  • Pay attention to what the little ones brought – it is important to include a favorite toy or comfort item when these little guys are going to be displaced and confused about what is happening.
  • Update your 72 Hour checklist to include important items
  • Inventory your current 72hour kits and be sure to update their contents as needed. (check for expired items, fresh batteries, etc.)
  • Feel good about keeping your to-go bag up to date.

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