NPM6 – What is the Risk?

What are you planning for?  Often times we think planning is the same as doing, and when it comes to preparedness many folks tend to only focus on one area or Pillar of Preparedness without even realizing there are other areas that need attention.

The Event Analysis Worksheet  (download) is designed to help you work through the various events you are concerned about.

One good way to get started with the event analysis is to plan a “family night”, and assign each member of the family a topic to research.  Some ideas might be “natural disasters”, “crime in our community”, or “keeping a resume up to date”.   Then on your family night you can discuss the severity and probability of these researched topics in direct relation to your family.    As you go through the many different areas that will ask for your attention in preparedness, ranking them by level of risk to your family will keep you prioritized and focus on your end goal of living a preparedness centered life.

What is your primary concern? share your comments below!

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