NPM7 – The Long Flight

Minneapolis Public Library © CC-2.0 Generic

Our bodies are like machines.  They require proper care if we expect proper operation.  Sure we may get use from our ‘out of tune’ machine, it might even get the job done when needed.  BUT, is your human machine running at peak performance?  or even close to peak?  halfway to peak?  okay, admit it, you might be in the valley of performance. But today is a good day to change that.  Don’t say you will start on Monday, you wont, if you don’t start now, you will keep putting it off and finding excuses. I am not here to be your physical fitness motivator, that is up to you.  I will tell you physical fitness is essential to being properly prepared. Training your body to use calories (energy) wisely will be a huge benefit when you are limited in calories. Keeping your muscles strong and able will come in handy when you have to remove a tree from your house, walk a long distance, forage and hunt for food, keep yourself warm, or protect your family. So today, take the stairs.  If you have stairs in your home, make an extra trip for the sole purpose of exercise.  At work, bypass the elevator, start with one day a week, then two, then three, etc. until you use the stairs more often than you use the elevator. I work on the sixth floor, I take the stairs, it can be done (if you work on the 40th floor you may want to start with only 5 flights of stairs and work up to as many as seem appropriate for you.) The United States is one of the most obese nations in the world.  I know several of you preparedness minded folks are already taking measures to be fit and ready, but if you have not started yet…. today is your day! What is your favorite simple action that the rest of us can take to improve our fitness?  Comment below!

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