CBS Hunted – S1E3

Operation Cupid’s Revenge.  Daters be haters.  This was one of those episodes where they just keep dropping bombs.  I was surprised more than once by our fugitives, and even more surprised by the wylie hunters.  The chase is getting more intense are our fugitives keep finding new and resourceful ways to evade (or not) the hunters. What worked, what didn’t, … read more

CBS Hunted – S1E2

INTENSE!  what a ride so far. and now we get a bonus 2 hour episode, sweet.  I thought sure that calendar was going to be the undoing of David & Emiley. Great work getting out of town, and that rental car…. genius.  Just a reminder – SPOILERS.  so lets get into episode 2 “Snitches Get Stitches”  What worked, what didn’t, … read more

How To Stay Warm in Winter Weather

Have you ever found yourself outside and realized you just didn’t dress properly for the weather you’re in?  This happens more than you might expect, in fact, an average of over 1300 deaths per year occur due to “excessive natural cold” exposure (that’s how the CDC describes it, seriously).  Here is a chart of the most recent data.

QuickStats: Number of Hypothermia-Related Deaths. CDC archives

QuickStats: Number

read more

12 Days of Prepared-mas: Day 10

For those who like to spend extra money for overnight shipping, you might still have some online shopping days left – for the rest of us, today is really cutting it close and if you want your gifts to be in the stocking or under the tree, I would suggest going local from here on out.

lifestraws_5Some excellent options for read more

12 Days of Prepared-mas: Day 9

Only 7 shopping days left until Christmas!  Our first eight 72 Hour Kit stuffers have got you off to a good start with a wonderful variety of items for anyone’s bugout bag or get home bag.

gerbertoolToday we are suggesting one of the most versatile items every 72 Hour Kit should have – the Multi-tool.  There are a few features read more

12 Days of Prepared-mas: Day 8

Here is a handy little item that every 72 Hour Kit needs.  A simple fire starter can save lives.  When you are in the elements remember first to figure out shelter, then water, then food.  Staying warm will keep you alive.  What better way to stay warm than building a fire?  Having the tools and skill to find proper fire … read more